Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas with Aunt Krystal

Our final family celebration was on Monday. Nick's sister, Krystal, and her fiance were here from Colorado so we got together and headed downtown to Sundance Square. I took engagement photos for them, and then we ate dinner at Razzoo's. I love their stuffed fish and fried pickles.After dinner we walked around Sundance Square for just a little bit, but not for too long because it was a bit chilly. I just love downtown Fort Worth at Christmas time. They decorate everything so nicely. There's always a huge tree with gigantic snowflakes, red balls, and lights, and then there are these huge Christmas ornaments and packages sitting in the street section that has been blocked off for the tree. They change colors, but I love the purple best.We couldn't go downtown without walking around the huge Barnes & Noble down there, and I somehow managed to spend $30. I don't know how that happened. We headed back to the house and attacked the desserts that were still left in my kitchen before they had to head out. It was awesome to see them again, since we don't get to very often because they live so far away.

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