Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fat Free

Yesterday my Mom and brother Trey came over for what I hope becomes an annual bake-lots-of-chocolate-stuff-for-Christmas day. We made peppermint bark, oreo balls, church windows that didn't really turn out to be church windows, green rice krispie treats, and chocolate peanut clusters.

Trey helped by crushing the candy canes for the peppermint bark. I think he enjoyed banging on my food chopper. But before he finished all the candy canes he claimed that his arms were tired and he gave up.Kate helped by coming into the kitchen now and then to eat another marshmellow. She occasionally brought us a toy to step on as well.I drizzled the oreo balls with red and green dyed almond bark to give them a festive look. We also did something a little different this year, and I took some crushed candy cane and added it to some of the oreo ball mix, then sprinkled the tops of those with crushed candy cane too. Minty!When we were all finished for the day, we had several containers each full of sweets. I'd say we spent about 5 hours in all making everything.Now who's going to eat all this stuff?

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