Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reindeer Romp

Last night Nick ran in a 4.2 mile race called the Reindeer Romp. It takes place in Denton, Texas every year. It was his first night race, and we all went along to watch him run.
Kate was very excited for the race to start!We played on the swings for a little bit while waiting for the runners to come back through the halfway mark, and then we walked down so we could cheer him on as he ran through. Go Daddy!Then Kate and I played some more before heading back down to the finish line. She waited patiently for Daddy to come running by.There he is!He finished the 4.2 miles in 52:26. I'm so proud of him for running the entire time, despite some of the hilly terrain in the neighborhood they ran through. Way to go Daddy!


Jenn said...

Awesome! Way to go, Nick!

Sherri said...

tell Nick Congrats for me. that's awesome! so when are you gonna join him??????