Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project 365 Week 3

01/15/11: I spent the day partying it up Barbie style with my niece, who turns 4 on Tuesday, and a bunch of little girls.01/16/11: Snack time!
01/17/11: My fried eggs today kind of reminded me of the Cookie Monster. Me want breakfast!
01/18/11: Full moon is supposed to be tomorrow night....but it looks pretty close to me!
01/19/11: Kate sat with me like a big girl while we waited to get the oil changed in the Versa.
01/20/11: This morning Kate crushed a Ritz cracker into tiny pieces in the kitchen floor. Then she walked over to the cabinet, pulled a rag out of the drawer, and came over to clean up her mess. After she spread the cracker around, she walked back over to the drawer and put her rag away while the dog ate all the cracker.
01/21/11: Found some icicles in the backyard this morning on an overflowing bucket of water. I kind of wish I had some snow to go along with them, just for a couple of days.

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