Thursday, January 20, 2011


This past weekend while we were in Tyler at my brother's house, we spent part of the evening watching YouTube videos of "Fighting Gravity" from last season's America's Got Talent. (Totally Google worthy, BTW.) Nick Cannon, husband of Mariah Carey, is the host of that show, and my brother said something about seeing his wife on television within the past week or so and commented that she had gotten "really fat!". My sister-in-law and I both quickly exclaimed in a defensive manner, in unison, "She's pregnant!" and I added "with twins!!"

He quickly retracted his statement because he was unaware that she was growing little Carey/Cannons. It struck me though, how quickly both of us chicks who have grown our own babies came to the defense of another gestating female.

Let's face it, having a baby puts you in a special sisterhood. When someone outside that sisterhood threatens or insults another sister, you stick up for her whether you know her or not. There's a very simple reason for it: whether you were one of those pregnant chicks who gained 100 pounds because you ate everything in sight or you were one of those chicks that gained 15 pounds and lost it all within 6 weeks of delivery, at some point in each of our pregnancies we were all about 5 minutes away from stealing a lawn chair from the garden center at Walmart, parking it in frozen foods, and eating 6 gallons of ice cream.
We understand.

It's nice to know you belong somewhere, you know?


Jamie said...

And you know, six gallons of ice cream sounds good to absolutely-not-pregnant me right now, too ... my current defense is I'm nursing. When I wean L, I'll have to come up with something else. Low blood sugar?

{S} said...

ROFLOL!! Amen sista!!