Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

We finally got some snow on top of all the ice that has been sitting here for three days. Since it was a little bit warmer today, I decided to take Kate out in the backyard for a little bit. I would venture to say it took me almost as long to get her all bundled up as we actually stayed outside.
She doesn't own any mittens, so I had to compromise with socks. Not waterproof, but as you can tell from the pictures she couldn't really move her arms anyway because I had so many layers on her. It worked out just fine until she tried to take a step and face planted. Then her sock-mittens got wet. She was also less than happy after that. See her little face print? Poor kid.I built us a snowman, thinking she would be happier and would sit next to him and smile for a photo. Apparently the cold has affected my ability to think clearly because as soon as I sat her down she loudly protested and wouldn't even smile for me.There was pretty much no recovery after this. So I gave up and we came back inside.


Angy said...

Love it! so sweet - these days will just fly by. Love the green hat. Can you believe Caleb will be 15 in a week? See, I told you time flies!

{mandy} said...

great pictures! did she face plant while you were building the snowman?

Amber said...

You were so right. That face plant picture is classic!