Monday, February 28, 2011

YAWYK February Update

February was a good month in our You Are What You Keep project. Part of the reason for this is that I did a little reorganizing.

I decided that rather than keep our DVDs stored in their plastic cases and taking up space on a shelf somewhere in the house, I would remove them from the case and store them in a DVD album, much like I did with our CDs. It was easier to do this for the CDs than the DVDs. It felt weird throwing away DVD cases because I've never stored DVDs in an album. But I persevered through the weird feelings and managed to fill up an entire 140 slot album with our movies. I've got to buy another one because we have too many movies for just one case. I didn't really factor in the number of movies that come with a second and sometimes third disc full of special features that no one watches. Anyway, because the point of YAWYK is to declutter, and although I kept the movies I did not keep the cases, I counted them in my total. My logic in this decision is that the album takes up far less space than all the DVDs on a shelf. Whether it's technically allowed or not, well, it's my project so I get to make the rules.

To the numbers...we obtained 42 items in February, and recycled or threw out 238 items. Our net total for February is 196 items. So far in 2011, we have removed 466 items, obtained 120 items, and have a net total of 346 items gone from the house.

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