Saturday, March 12, 2011


Kate finally starting growing teeth a month or so ago. We were starting to wonder where the darn things were! Yesterday I asked her to show me her teeth and this is what I got:
(Please ignore the peepers in the nose...we're going through a snot thing this week.)

This past weekend she ran super high fever all weekend but had no other symptoms so I assumed it was teething related. She never fusses with her teeth, which I'm convinced is because of her amber teething necklace, so it was hard to know for sure. Thank you internet for suggesting that one! But sure enough, Sunday afternoon I looked in and saw two new teeth poking through: one on top and one on bottom. Go Kate!
Yesterday afternoon I noticed her chewing on her whole hand - she seriously had those fingers as far in as she could manage. I decided to reach in and see why...and wouldn't you know that they kid is also growing three molars??? There's one on each side at the top, and one on one side at the bottom. The only side without one feels like it will be any day.
Apparently when this kid grows teeth, she doesn't mess around.


More like....etc. said...

woohoo!!! :D
go Kate GO! ;)

Jamie said...

I would love for Kate to come give Luke a seminar in teething pain management! Too bad I don't see any of those Baltic amber necklaces around here.