Friday, April 15, 2011

Cup Feet

There is really no rhyme or reason to some of the things my daughter does with her free time. Sometimes I can watch her play and tell that she's mimicking a behavior she has seen me or her Daddy do. Sometimes she tries to accomplish things that she just doesn't have the skill to do yet, like trying to put on a pair of pants without any help. Then there are days like today.
She spent the better part of this afternoon walking around the living room with these two cups on her feet as if they were shoes. When I first noticed her sitting down and trying to put them on her feet, I figured she'd never actually get up and be able to walk. I was wrong. She actually managed to get around 5 or 6 steps at a time before one or both cups would fall off. Then she would have to sit down and put them back on her feet, and then get up and try it all over again.
I really wish I knew what went through her head some days.

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