Monday, May 23, 2011

Project 365 Weeks 19 and 20

Sorry, I'm a little behind on posting my Project 365 photos.
05/07/11: Her facial expressions just kill me.
05/08/11: We invited our Mom's over for Mother's Day and Nick grilled a big feast of hamburgers and hot dogs. It was a fun day.
05/09/11: Kate helped me water the yard today, which means that all of my bricks and mulch got a bath.
05/10/11: I sent a little I Love You message to Nick today.
05/11/11: Taking a break from her morning oatmeal to get her itsy bitsy spider out.
05/12/11: $41 to fill up my little bitty compact car!!!
05/13/11: Such a big girl, sitting at the table all by herself.
05/14/11: She's get her church bag and is ready to go!
05/15/11: I have no idea what this is about.
05/16/11: Taking an evening stroll with Daddy.
05/17/11: Kate and I spent the afternoon entertaining her great grandma. It was a busy day!
05/18/11: Sweet kisses for her friend Olivia.
05/19/11: The broom is too big for her, so Kate swept the kitchen with the duster instead.

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