Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date

Chick-fil-a did this Father's Day promotion where you could reserve a table for Daddy-Daughter date night this evening. Nick signed up and he took Kate for a fine dining experience of chicken nuggets, fruit, and blueberry cheesecake! They had a really nice time and Kate even came home with a flower for Mommy. I wish I could've gone to watch from the sidelines (and take photos!) but it was all about Daddy time so I went shopping instead. No hurt feelings for me. I found a really cute Fossil bag on clearance and used a 20% off coupon with it to save $60 on it! Go me.

When we all got home I had Kate present Daddy with her card, his gift and a big cookie cake I had purchased at the mall.
She was slightly distracted by an airplane overhead, but she still delivered the goods.

I helped Kate put her handprint inside the card, which made Nick tear up a little bit. Score one for Mommy! :)

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