Monday, August 22, 2011

Budding artist

We've been coloring a lot lately. I finally purchased Kate's first box of crayons last week and a plastic bin that locks to keep them in. Those cardboard boxes just never hold up. I suppose in hindsight I should have purchased the big fat crayons for little hands, but it never occured to me until much later. She doesn't seem to mind though. I also bought her a sketchbook full of blank pages. I thought this would be more fun than a regular coloring book because it's so limitless. She's pretty much just going to scribble lines anyway.
When you are coloring, it's pretty important to get as low and close to the paper as you can. you might also notice some drawings and words that would be fairly impressive were they Kate's handiwork, but you see coloring is not a solo activity in our house. She passes out crayons to everyone present, one color at a time, and we all get to draw...even Boo Kitty.
I'll have you know that Kate did this all on her own. She selected a crayon, picked up Boo Kitty and held the crayon to her hand, and then laid her face down on the floor and proceeded to allow Boo Kitty to color, which Kate's help of course. It was pretty darn cute if you ask me and further proof that my child is pretty much a genius.

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Snapaholic007 said...

so adorable! she is already a pro and holds the crayon perfectly.