Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bathroom Remodel Complete! -ish

 It took three days and about $90, but the bathroom remodel is finished.  I am pleased with the outcome, although there are still some things I would like to do in there were  I going to be living here for an extended period of time, but I'm hoping of course that we sell soon and get to move so I'm saving my other ideas and money for the next house.  So, here it is in all it's pretty-much-finished glory (Click on the photos to see them larger):

I painted all of the towel racks and switch plate covers black.  They look much better than the silver did.

After 5 coats of Polycrylic sealer, some of the 3 dimensional texture was lost but not all.  It's smoother than before any sealer, which is good for cleaning and bad if you wanted a really textured counter.  I like it though.

I added a thin border inside of the existing mirror frame to widen it a little bit.  The row with the dots is the trim I added.  Yes, I know I need to get a razor blade in there and scrape off that tiny bit of paint.  
This is my painting from my first Painting with a Twist adventure.  Hobby Lobby had open-back frames on half price this week, so I framed it myself (I even put a paper backing on it) and thought it would be perfect in the new bathroom.  Looks great framed, I think!

Border solution came out cool, although I'm not 100% in love with it.  I think the quarter round I put along the bottom would look a lot better had I painted it black instead of the same color as the border.  However by the time I was finished I  was too tired to care...and I also didn't want to scare off a potential buyer with a black trim that would be very hard to cover with a new paint color should they desire to.  So it's staying the khaki color.

Existing accessories - you can see these little mirrors in the before photo.  They were maroon and  I spray painted them black.  I bought them years and years ago at a dollar store for a buck each.  Gotta save money where I can! All of the rest of the patriotic accessories ended up at Goodwill.
So what would I still do to finish out the bathroom if we were staying, you ask?  Here's a list:
  1. New shower curtain.  The current one is about the same color as the wall, and it blends in too much.  I think a rich chocolate brown would look really nice.  I might still buy this, but we will see.  They're $14.99 at Target, I looked last night.
  2. Paint the faucets, knobs, and hinges black or oil-rubbed bronze.  I recently discovered that you can spray paint fixtures like this!  But it's a lot of work, and I should've done that before I painted the countertops.  So for now, everything is staying chrome.  Plus I really don't want to take the cabinet doors off to paint the hinges.  That's a lot of work.
  3. Redo the flooring.  It's currently a faux wood peel-n-stick tile that I must've put down when I'd had too much sugar because it's not the best tile job.  There are tiny little gaps here and there, but for now they can be covered with a well-placed rug.
  4. Buy a bigger rug for the floor.  See #3.
  5. Install or refinish sink. It's 33 years old, so it has those tiny little hairline spots in there.  Plus it's a shell.  It's hideous, but were I going to replace it I should have done that prior to painting the counter top.
  6. Oh, and while I'm making a wish list for that bathroom, I'd completely redo the tile in the bathtub area.  Again with the shells.  Ugh.  But that's WAY more work and money than I want to pour into this bathroom. 

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MoODFoto said...

it looks great!! WOW! I really LOVE your painting.