Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Old friends

This weekend we traveled to East Texas to see some old friends.  Heather and Will were in from Maryland, and a group of us from high school decided to have an informal mini-reunion get together.  It was a chance to grill some burgers, catch up, and let our kids play together.
Elisabeth and Kate.  Elisabeth is one of my oldest friend's (Kaycee) little girl.
The trampoline was a big hit among the little ones.  
Well most of the little ones...Elisabeth wasn't too sure about it and didn't last very long, even with Mommy standing right there with her.

  The daddies had fun on the trampoline as well.

Olivia, Heather and Will's little girl, sporting trampoline static hair.
 Eli (Jerod's son) and Kate were pretty excited when a train went by on the tracks behind Jacob and Jennifer's property.  

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