Sunday, October 16, 2011

Craft Show!

I haven't been posting much the past couple of weeks because I've been super busy shopping at Goodwill an making stuff out of what I find there.  I decided I wanted to do a craft show, so Karyn agreed to split a booth with me and we started making all sorts of things.

I bought a ton of pretty frames at thrift stores, threw away the insides, spray painted them and added wire mesh to create jewelry frames.  I used lace on some of them instead of the wire.  I also bought some various candle holders, glued glass jars to them after painting them, and made some apothecary-like jars.  I made some bird's nest necklaces.  I did t-shirt scarves and hair clips.  I made some Christmas ornaments ou of spoons.  I made a few rolled paper wreaths.  I spray painted several display pieces to hang stuff on.  I helped my father-in-law build a huge display to hang out frames and wreaths on. Karyn made several cake/cookie stands and holiday wreaths.  She did some ornaments too.

The show was Saturday, and it was a bit disappointing.  There was not a lot of traffic there, despite lots of activities for families and kids.  There were plenty of vendors, but most of them that I spoke with were disappointed in the show too.  That made us feel better because obviously it wasn't us, it was the show.  Despite the small crowd we did sell a few items, so it wasn't a total bust.  I have been thinking since Saturday about things I would change and do differently for the next show, so that helps too.  We plan on doing at least one more because we have all this stuff we need to try to sell!

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MoODFoto said...

cute stuff!! I love the white bottles and the cake stands. I've been on the hunt for the perfect cake stand for months.