Monday, December 19, 2011

Making Ornaments

Saturday afternoon Kate helped me make some salt dough ornaments for the tree.  We cut out several different shapes and of course did some ornaments of her hand print as well.  I keep finding all these wonderful Christmas cookie cutters at Thrift Town.  Apparently a lot of people don't want to mess with homemade Christmas cookies anymore, which I guess I understand seeing as it's just easier to buy them.  I seem to have a problem with purchasing those unwanted cookie cutters, and I don't even usually make homemade Christmas cookies either.  So I made ornaments instead.
After we cut out enough ornaments to fill two cookie sheets, I let Kate play with the leftover dough.  She took turns rolling it with the rolling pin and then placing different shapes into the dough.  She overlapped them and some of them were hanging off the edge of her dough, but she didn't care.  After she'd put four or five shapes in the dough, she'd say "Roll!" and I turned over the dough and smoothed it back out for her.
Eventually the cookie cutters got old, so I rolled the dough into a ball and let her play with that for a while until she started crumbling it into tiny pieces and trying to feed them to the dog. That signaled time to clean up!

We are going to paint the ornaments and I'll let her give some to her grandparents and we will keep a few for our tree.  I think this will become a fun tradition.  After all, I have plenty of cookie cutters to use!

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