Saturday, December 31, 2011

Visits with Friends

We were able to make a quick trip to Mount Pleasant so we could see Heather, Olivia and Will this past week.  That of course meant a lunch stop at Randy's, the best hamburger anywhere, and then dinner with my grandma at Bodacious BBQ, which is equally as yummy.  It was just a short day trip, and part of that we spent at the hospital getting x-rays on Kate's arm/

She fell at Heather's Mom's house and landed on her out-stretched hand, which then shot out from under her.  She wouldn't calm down and wouldn't use her arm, so after Will took a quick look we decided to call the orthopedic doctor that Heather used to work for to get Kate in for a check-up.  Of course this would be the same arm that she fractured in August of 2010.  All of her x-rays were clear, so he told us to just watch her and allow her to use her arm if she wanted.  It should be healed within 7-10 days.

Fast forward three days and Kate's still not really using her arm.  I scheduled a follow-up with her doctor here on Friday.  He took a look at her arm, which had now swollen a little bit around the elbow and said that he had a couple of thoughts, one being something called Nursemaid elbow.  I had never heard of that, so I had to google it and basically it's when the tendon in your elbow gets popped out of place.  After consulting an orthopedic doctor in the next building, Dr. Deitchman decided to try bending her arm in a certain way to pop the tendon back in place, which he said felt like it popped when he did the movement.  If indeed it was nursemaid elbow, this would do the trick.  He also sent her for another x-ray of the elbow just to be sure.

Wouldn't you know that within an hour of him popping her arm she was using it like nothing had ever happened?  Her x-ray was clear, and all is well in the world of Kate's arm.  So we've hopefully already had our x-ray/emergency visit for her for the 2-3 year, right?  I can't believe how accident prone this little girl of mine seems to be.

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