Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zoo date!

This is why I am already so glad we bought a zoo we made a trip out to the zoo and spent just about 2 hours wandering around and then headed home.  Kate is sound asleep (she fell asleep in the car again) and we were able to get out to enjoy the weather and fresh air.
Today Kate decided that her Care Bears were going to go to the zoo with us, but I talked her into taking just one instead of all three and the other two could stay home together.  She chose Loves-a-lot Bear, and then on he way out the door she decided she needed her purse as well.
I fully expected to end up carrying the bear myself at some point and sticking her little purse in my bag, but Kate was very good about carrying them all by herself the whole time we were there.  She did hand them too me a couple of times so she could climb up on the side of the fence to see, but she always asked for them back when she was finished.
She got lots of smiles and "oh that's so cute" from people as she meandered around the zoo with her Care Bear and her purple purse on her arm.  I don't blame people - she is quite cute.
The white tiger was up and moving around today, which was quite a treat because every time I've ever been to this zoo all of the big cats have been asleep while I was there.  She/he even came right up to the glass a couple of times for us to get a close look, although I'm not sure Kate was very excited about that because she tensed up and backed away when he got close.  I guess she doesn't realize that they can't get to her.
We went into MOLA today, the building with the reptiles and aquariums.  One of the zookeepers had a snake out for people to touch, which I just now completely forgot the name of, so we stood in line so Kate could pet the snake only for her to decide at the last minute that she wasn't even going to look at the snake, let alone touch it.  So I petted it and we moved on.

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