Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter in DC

We decided not to plan any sight-seeing activities on Easter because we had enough things planned at the house that it just wouldn't have been feasible.  It was quite nice to take a day in the midst of our running around to relax and rest anyway.

After church we ate at California Tortilla and then I got busy being a photographer, but not in the touristy sense of the word. Heather had wanted a couple of family shots and we wanted some pictures of the girls all dressed for Easter, so we picked a spot in a small alley and I ended up doing a mini session by the time we were all said and done. I just can't help myself.  I did hand the camera over to Heather as well and she got some pictures of our family, which is nice because we haven't taken a new family photo in a while.
We brought the girls home to nap afterward so they would be all rested to dye eggs and then take them outside to hunt them.  Heather and I had each created a basket of goodies for the girls, so we let them open those while the guys took the eggs downstairs to hide out on the grassy area in front of the apartment.  Then we let them loose.  It was Olivia's first time to hunt eggs, but it didn't take her very long to understand the concept and we ended up hiding eggs three times for her.  She kept saying "more more!"
Some neighbors in the apartment building joined us for dinner last night and we enjoyed a relaxing evening of food and conversation without having to run all over DC.  We'll save that for our last day. I can't believe it's almost time to leave!

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