Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Mall

Last night we headed down to the Mall to see all the famous Washington monuments lit up for night time. Not only was it a beautiful way to see them, but it is way less crowded than in the day time so it was easier to capture shots without as many strangers in your way.  The weather was a tad chilly, but we bundled up the girls with jackets and blankets and set out on our way shortly after sunset. I really wish we had been able to be down there before the sun set, but making dinner ran a little late because we just weren't moving very fast after being so tired from the zoo earlier in the day.

The Washington Monument
 If Will is ever put on a coin by the U.S. mint, this is what his profile will look like. 
World War 2 Memorial
 Korean War Memorial- Possibly my favorite. This monument is super creepy...but I love it.
Abraham Lincoln Memorial
The White House
 This is Heather saying "It's 11:00. Stop taking pictures and come on!" I wore her out. 
 We walked and walked and walked last night, but it was fabulous. It didn't fully hit me until we stopped and sat down on the train just how tired my body was. My legs and feet and hips and back and everything else are soooo tired today. But it was completely worth it.

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