Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Great Grandma's House

This past weekend we took a road trip to my hometown for a birthday party on Sunday. We spent Saturday at my grandparent's house, which pleased Kate. She loves going to her Great Grandma's house because there are moo cows everywhere to see and a golf cart to ride around and around in.
We all took turns driving Kate around. Grandma would take a lap, then I would take my turn, then Nick and Papaw would go, and then we'd start all over again. I drove her across the highway to get a closer look at the moo cows and horses. We watched the big trucks go by and at one point 5 sheriff's cars and an ambulance sped by, prompting Grandma to get on the phone with everyone who might have a police scanner so they could see what was going on. 
We went into town and had BBQ, Nick's favorite while we are in Mt. Pleasant, and then came back out to Grandma's house to play a little longer before it was time to go. It was a relaxing day.

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