Friday, December 21, 2012

Mavs vs Heat

Last night Nick and I were given opportunity to go to the Mavericks game courtesy of some software or IT related company he buys stuff from and sit in a suite for the game. Of course when Nick asked if I wanted to go I said YES! How many opportunities to sit in a suite would I have, after all? I don't even like basketball and the only player's name that I knew was Dirk's, and he's not even playing because he had knee surgery. I also didn't know that Lebron James plays for the Miami Heat so I got to watch him play instead. I was going for the free food and little bit of bragging rights anyway.  Darius Rucker sang the National Anthem (Hootie!).

We had ourselves a little date night, which would've been more fun had I not spent half the game sneezing and completely stopped up. But I managed through. We were served chicken fingers, hot dogs, brisket, loaded mashed potatoes, mac 'n cheese, veggies and obviously there were all you could want drinks. I took advantage of that - had two 7-Ups and a Coke. Had to stop though because I was driving home.  I also enjoyed a way-too-large piece of chocolate/peanut butter cake from the oh-so-loaded-you-want-to-slap-your-momma dessert cart that came around.
We stayed until there was about a minute left in the game, which meant that at the end we were the only two people left in the suite because everyone else cleared out a little bit before since the Mavs were getting their tails whipped.
Thanks for the free date night (well it cost us $5 to park and gas money).  See, we're really not cool enough for suite seats.

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