Thursday, January 10, 2013


Last weekend I posted this picture on my Instagram feed in anticipation of turning 35 the next day:
It's ok. I mean, I wasn't totally okay with it, because I remember as a teenager thinking how old 35 sounded. When I was in the 8th grade, pretty much every girl in junior high, myself included, had a crush on Coach Smith, our history teacher. He was a cute little thing, and we thought it was old. He was 25 at the time. Yeah.

Nick arranged a babysitter for Kate so we could go out on a date that turned into Kate spending the night with Yiayia because after a yummy dinner of Norwegian salmon and grilled asparagus at Outback, we decided to go see a movie.
I actually chose the movie...partly because I didn't want to drive all the way to Mansfield so I could see Twilight and partly because I knew Nick really wanted to see it so I was being supportive. It's three hours long, and while the scenery was pretty and costumes and swords fights and blah blah blah impressive folm was THREE HOURS of pretty scenery and sword fighting and 600 characters with weird names and bad guys that looked like they were made of lard and at the end, guess what, THEY DIDN'T EVEN GET TO WHERE THEY WERE GOING! Gah.

Once we got home Nick decided to let me go ahead and "open" my gift. In true Nick fashion, I couldn't just open a pretty wrapped package. I had to take a 35 question quiz and then use my answers to fill in an encrypted paragraph detailing what my gift was before being presented with Bon Jovi Tickets!!  Section 114!! WOOHOOOOOO
The glassy look in my eyes is not from alcohol, in case you may be wondering. It's from THREE HOURS OF SWORD FIGHTING AND WALKING TO NO WHERE.
 For lunch on Sunday, my actual birthday, we met up with Kate, Yiayia, Nana and Bill at Chan's and celebrated at one of my favorite restaurants. Kate surprised me with a little cake that she made for me and decorated with M&Ms. She was SO proud of herself.
 It was really a great birthday...and come April, I get to celebrate some more with Bon Jovi!

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{S} said...

LOL! fun birthday despite the Hobbit! Nick's survey looks fun! I'd never be able to complete it though, full of numbers and all...