Thursday, January 3, 2013

Accent Wall

Today started off with me deciding to hang some new artwork and large frames around the house. I was going to hang the very large Albert Einstein canvas I got for Nick for Christmas in our bedroom. Around 2 o'clock, I went into the bedroom to figure out exactly how I was going to hang the canvas and it occurred to me that I've been meaning to paint our bedroom for sometime now. This led me to wonder if I could possibly move the large armoire that I keep some shoes and clothes in all by myself. In the process of trying to move it, I ripped the door off. I think I can get it back on, but we're going to have to wait for Nick to get home to see.

However, I was able to move the armoire by myself. So that led me to the shed to gather painting supplies and our ladder. By now, the time is 3:30 and I'm not quite ready to start painting yet. I wasn't really considering that it would be dark in an hour and a half, I just decided to go to town. As luck would have it, I spent my time focusing on one main wall and at some point realized I was going to run out of daylight so I decided just to do that one wall today. It's a good thing I realize that, because by the time I got a second coat on that one wall I realized quickly that I was not going to have enough paint to do the entire room. This presents a bit of a problem, considering that I had bought a gallon of oops paint so there was no getting another gallon mixed.

So now we have an accent wall. I really do need to paint the other three walls of our bedroom (it's been seven years) but at this moment it's not going to happen. However the one accent wall looks fabulous.
I let the paint dry, and just finished hanging the canvas a mere four and a half hours later. Sometime in the middle of all that I stopped to eat a bite, stripped the bed and remade the bed, and moved to the armoire back to its spot.

It's 2013, and you may recall from my monthly updates that I had some point stopped doing last year that I said 2013 was the year we were going to try to sell our house again. Well, we have an appointment next Saturday with a realtor.

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{S} said...

great painting! Is the door fixable? a little putty and a new hinge?