Thursday, March 7, 2013

Disney World 2013: Epcot

I had two goals in mind for Epcot: eat some fantastic food in the countries and have Kate get a pearl in Japan. I accomplished both.  We happened to show up at Epcot the day after the Flower & Garden Festival began, so we were able to see all the gorgeous flowers and character topiaries they set up just for the event. Very nice!
We started the day by visiting the Finding Nemo ride in The Seas. Kate, as usual, was not a fan. It was too dark and too loud. Can we detect a theme?  Someone at Disney should take note that not every little kid needs a scary moment in a ride to enjoy themselves. She did, however, love the big aquarium upstairs so all was not lost.
We made our way over to the Character Spot so Kate could see Mickey and Pluto again, but this time she also got to meet Minnie Mouse! It was a big day, and for the first time Kate walked up to a character all by herself and took a photo. I was SO proud!
After we finished with the characters and did some shopping, we headed over to Mexico to begin our way around the world. We met Donald in Mexico, and Heather and Will stopped there to get food. I, however, was not spending my lunch time eating Mexican food that I eat all the time so we headed forward and that was pretty much the last time we saw them the remainder of the day, although we all kept in touch via our phones.
Kate wanted a cheeseburger, so Nick and Kate headed out to find food for her and I stopped in China to have some shrimp fried rice and an egg roll. I also got to meet Mulan while I was in China.  I met back up with Nick and Kate in Germany where she got to meet Snow White, who was absolutely precious. she skipped over to each person she met and her hand and arm movements were so graceful! She had the sweetest voice too...very good Snow White. She mentioned our anniversary (because I was wearing my anniversary button) and wished me and my Prince many more.
We made our way around and stopped in Italy for gelato that was to die for. I had the chocolate and Nick and Kate split a strawberry and cookie sandwich. We went through Morocco hoping to see Aladdin and Jasmine, but they weren't due back for a while. So we went on to Japan where we could get our pearls. I'll have to share a separate post for that experience.

Eventually we made it around to France where we HAD to stop for pastries. It was a given. I had a big fat piece of pain au chocolat, Nick had a raspberry and lemon macaroon, and Kate had a chocolate chip cookie the size of her face. She ate all but about 3 bites.
We spotted Princess Aurora in France and Belle, but we didn't get to meet either of them because of their lines (we had met Aurora the day before anyway). We did however, get to meet Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland in the United Kingdom. Mary Poppins sang a little bit to Kate, which was precious, and Alice was a doll. She was very interactive and twirled for Kate, called her a shy violet, and let us take lots of photos. As far as interaction, Alice was probably my favorite character followed closely by Mary Poppins. The UK is also where we got to meet Tigger and Pooh!
We decided to have dinner in the UK so we split a basket of fish 'n chips. It was yummy. We proceeded on through Canada and back around to the beginning, where we let Kate play in the Land of Oz playground for a while before walking over to let Nick watch Captain EO. I took Kate on the Journey into Imagination ride, and she did really well until the very end when they blasted a big puff of air on the back of our heads and she freaked out. Not cool, Epcot.
We had decided to stay at the park until the light show, which was a mistake because it's full of fireworks and Kate does not like them, you know, so to kill time we ate some ice cream, shopped, tasted flavored sodas all over the world, and just enjoyed the fountains and Spaceship Earth all lit up for night. Kate also played on the Radiator Springs Cars playground for a while.

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