Sunday, March 10, 2013

Road trip: Navarre Beach

When it was time to leave Disney we headed back to Grandpa Jim's and Nayjay's house in Lithia to spend the night with them and spend a little more family time before we had to leave.  We decided to spread out our road trip home and add one extra day, since Nick had taken off work the following Monday as well.  Soaturday he and Grandpa Jim took Kate to a couple of parks to play for a while, and Nayjay and I went to tour houses on a local parade of homes. It was a lot of fun and I got some great decorating ideas.  It really got me in the mood to start house hunting for sure!
We left Lithia on Saturday afternoon and made our way north to Navarre, Florida. Kate has been asking to go to the beach ever since we went to Corpus Christi last summer, almost on a weekly basis. So since we were going to be so close to beach areas as we came home, I thought it was silly to not take advantage at least for a little bit for her. We spent the night in Navarre and the next morning headed out to the beach for a little while.
It was pretty chilly and very windy, so getting in the water was out of the question (thankfully!) but Kate was content to spend over an hour walking down the shoreline beach combing. She picked up a large baggie full of shells. I'll have to clean and frame those like I did the ones we collected on our last beach excursion.

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