Friday, April 19, 2013

Bon Jovi

So April 11th I finally got to head to the American Airlines Center enjoy my birthday present with Nick and go see Bon Jovi for the fourth time. They're my very favorite band, and I hope I get to go see them every time he comes through Dallas. For this show I was able to sit closer than I've sat at the previous three concerts - usually I'm up in the nosebleed seats because they're cheaper! But Nick had everyone pitch in so we could sit in section 114, row L. Not bad!

They played for just over three hours, which was awesome. None of the previous shows I've been too have been that long. They didn't have an opening act for this tour so I don't know if that's why or if they just decided to be generous, but I was not complaining. Nick kept track of the playlist all night for me, so here's what we heard, in order:

That's What the Water Made Me
You Give Love a Bad Name
Born to be my Baby
Raise your Hands
Lost Highway
Whole Lotta Leavin' Going On
It's My Life
Because We Can
What About Now
Work for the Workin' Man
We Got It Going On
Keep the Faith
You Wanna Make a Memory
Bed of Roses
I'll Be There For You
Last Man Standing
We Weren't Born to Follow
Who Says You Can't Go Home
Live While I'm Alive, Sleep When I'm Dead
Dancing in the Streets/Start Me Up
Bad Medicine
Hot Legs
In The Arms Tonight
Wanted Dead or Alive
Have a Nice Day
Livin' on a Prayer
Someday I'll be Saturday Night
Old Time Rock 'n Roll

 Yeah....he ended the concert on a Bob Seger song!? I was confused and thought surely not! There's no way he's going out on Seger.....but he did.  It was still a fantastic show.

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