Thursday, April 25, 2013


After one month and one day, we have an officially executed contract! Twenty-seven showings, one bad offer, one couple who came back three times, several "we really liked it buts..." and a couple of "one of our favorites but picked a different house" and finally, it's our turn! I told Nick I was starting to feel like our house was that chubby girl that has such a pretty face but no one really wanted to date her. He thinks i'm weird.

So that means Saturday is officially HOUSE HUNTING DAY!!  


Of course the stress is no where near over. Now there's the anxiety of finding our new home, the worry over whether anything will happen with our current contract, the stress of packing, the unknown of the inspection, the haggling over a new house, and then all the stress with closing two houses at once and moving and unpacking. The next few months promise to be crazy.

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Sherri P said...

You are weird!! LOL. Just kidding. Glad you got the contract.