Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I know, it was a week ago, but I'm just now getting the photos off my memory card. I've been busy with this little house-packing and furniture painting thing, ok? So I know I said back on my Easter post that those would probably be the last holiday photos in our current back yard, but I was wrong because hello, mother's day....and I had forgotten that was coming up.
That's Kate's Easter dress, you may recognize. It's her favorite dress at the moment. In fact she talked Daddy into changing her clothes before Bible class this evening so she could put this dress on. She then walked into the office and announced that she was "ready to have her picture taken" so we had to do a quick photo shoot before we could walk out the door.

To give you an update on the house moving situation, it's coming along nicely. I think with less than two weeks left now to moving day we are in pretty good shape right now. Of course I could totally change my mind in a couple of days and go into full-scale panic mode, but at the moment I'm pretty calm. We got a lot accomplished this weekend. Nick finally got his big executive desk cleaned out and I listed it for sale on a couple of swap sites. Hopefully it will go quickly- I've had a couple of nibbles. So far I've sold two bookcases, a wardrobe and nightstand set, a changing table that we were using as a shelf (that I totally picked up off the curb and re-did), some artwork, shoes, books, outdoor toys, green chairs I never got around to repainting, and a few other miscellaneous items for a total of $372, which I still have $192 leftover (the rest I spent on new furniture). Hopefully we can get the desk sold and another storage cabinet I have, and maybe a few more miscellaneous items gone. I don't want to move stuff that I'm not intending to keep, for sure.
This was the office wall (from now on referred to as the box wall) about 3 days ago:
and this is the box wall now, mostly two rows of boxes deep but in some places three rows:
Can you say productive? Oh! This is the awesome little secretary/desk/dresser/thingy I picked up on Friday...and I don't even have to paint it! This will be our new TV cabinet in the living room. I'll mount the TV above it, and then the DVD box, etc will set on the open part...and movies can go in the drawers. They'll all fit because a year or so ago I spent $60/70 on 3 giant DVD binders, removed all of our movies from their annoying and bulky plastic box things, and filed them in the binders. So that's all we have to store now. I recycled the DVD cases too.

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