Sunday, June 9, 2013

Swim Day

We I've been busy. The blog has suffered because of it, but I am now fully back online with both computers and a new monitor arrangement so I figured it was time to post again before people started to complain. I can only get away with silence for so long.

We began our morning by dropping Kate off at Yiayia's so we could head to Haverty's to do some furniture shopping. We were off to search for a new sofa and chair or recliner for the living room. It was apparently time we purchased a grown-up living room set from a quality place...and I was happy to oblige.  We chose a beautiful Italian leather sofa and recliner in taupe. The sofa has two power recliners, one on each end, and the recliner is manual (I didn't want a cord running across the floor since it would be "floating" in the room). Then while Nick was filling out paperwork I spotted rugs and found a few I liked, so I grabbed Nick and let him tell me if my favorite was his favorite (it was not) and then he selected the one he liked the best out of the three choices I gave him.  The sofa and recliner will arrive Wednesday and the rug will take 1-2 weeks. I can't wait! Here's what we decided on:
Today we went to Arlington to swim at Dan's house, which is Mandy's boyfriend. His kids were there and Kate had a great time playing with new friends. We all swam for a while, then stopped to eat some burgers and hot dogs, and then after resting the kiddos all got back in the pool while we all sat around and chatted. The weather was really quite nice today so it wasn't too hot.

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