Sunday, July 14, 2013

Storm Doors

My favorite aspects of this house so far are all the fun new things we've been able to do since moving in and making it our home.  This has included purchasing storm doors from Lowe's that we began installing yesterday. We got a storm door for both the front and back doors. I think storms doors look really nice and they're useful when you want to let some more natural light in, and also gives the cat a chance to sit and stare at the outdoors that we don't allow her to play in.

When I went to Lowe's to door shop, I didn't really know much about what I wanted except that I wanted them to be black because that would look best. Turns out Lowe's has a pretty cool build-your-own storm door option for their Pella Select line, so you get to pick your door color, hardware color (not everything comes with oil-rubbed bronze like I needed), and glass insert. The door also comes with a screen, so if I were feeling froggy I would switch out the glass and the screen for all those cool days we have here in Texas.  (ha ha) Most likely, once I store the screen somewhere in the garage it will never come out again unless someone breaks the glass on my storm door. Let's hope that doesn't happen. For the glass insert, I decided I'd like to do a decorative dark bronze arch to give it a bit of a fancier feel for the front door. The back door just has solid glass.

Bill took us to pick up the doors and helped us install the front door. Boys being boys, they were just going to rip open the boxes and go to town. Good thing I was around to insist that they let me be the official direction reader and force them to do things in the order specified in the directions, which were super easy to follow. Nick and Bill did the heavy lifting, drilling, and assembling while I pretty much told them what to do.
I love my storm door! It looks so great, and I'm so happy I was able to get the oil-rubbed bronze hardware so everything would coordinate and match. I have some other plans for the door area to really make things look good, but for now I am super happy with the outcome. You can still see my fun red door behind the glass, so it didn't detract from that too much. We ran out of time before we got the back door installed yesterday, and today our plans for installing were ruined by the rain...which is NOT A PROBLEM right now. We needed rain I will not complain one bit about that.

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