Monday, August 26, 2013

Goodbye party

 Saturday night we had a party for our dear friends (and youth minister) Marcus and Stacey. They are leaving us to move to Searcy, Arkansas where he is taking a senior youth minister position at a new congregation. Definitely a great thing for their new church family and a very sad thing for ours.
 So even though we turned our annual back-to-school ice cream social at church last Sunday night into a goodbye party for the congregation, we knew our group had to have our own party too because, well, we like to get together. It had been a while too! I made note at one point to Amber that parties like this used to be much easier about 6-7 years ago - look at all those kids! They were everywhere. Saturday also happened to be Marcus's birthday, so I got him a cake to celebrate. What's a party without cake anyway, right?
 After we all ate and took our big group picture, the kids played and ran out whatever energy they had left. Kate especially had a good time on Natalie's trampoline, although we had a couple of close calls with little legs getting too close to the edge.
Jerry gave Marcus a little welding lesson and turned him look on a piece of metal at one point, so we all went out to admire his work...and of course Kristeen, Stacey and I had to model the welding helmets and gloves.
 I'm so thankful for these amazing people and friends! 

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