Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Mall Fun

 After building our bears at the mall, we stopped in the food court and everyone ate a cookie and had a Slurpee before we took a ride on the carousel, which I'll admit made me dizzy. How old am I? Logan, by the way, has decided that smiling for photos is not the cool thing to do anymore, so I have a ton of photos of him looking like this:
As we went around the mall, we spotted a jewelry shop with ear piercing, and apparently Kylie had been talking about that for a while...and she decided to go for it! She picked out a really cute pair of pink stone flowers for her first pair of earrings, and she settled into the chair for her before shot:
After a quick decision that she could hold on to Daddy easier if she sat in his lap, Jason sat down first to hold her and the process began. There was only one lady on staff at the time, so she couldn't do both ears simultaneously. But Kylie was super brave. She closed her eyes and breathed really deep, and after the first earring she sort of had a look of fear/pain/shock/panic on her face, but she didn't lose it. The clerk quickly moved to the other side to finish her set.
When she finished, the clerk grabbed a hand held mirror so Kylie could see her new earrings, and that's when the smile appeared to replace the few tears on her face:
 She's growing up so fast!!

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