Monday, September 30, 2013

MapMyWalk September Update

I definitely killed it in September - I said last month I needed to beat august with at least 35 miles - so instead I logged 71 miles. My September stats:
71.23 Total miles
20.62 Total Hours
11,438 Total Calories
35 Workouts

Of those 71.23 miles, 8.95 were biking instead of walking.  I logged some form of exercise all but four days in the month. Of course some of those days were short distances, but here lately I've been walking at least 3 miles at a time. I've been working on improving my 5k walk time. I walked a 5k on September 7th in 52:27 and today my 5k took me 51:58. Some days I am a little faster than others. I know the speed isn't as important as the fact that i'm just moving, but I like numbers and stats. 

What can I do in October?! Let's see bout 80 miles, ok?

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