Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Tonight we had trunk or treat at church and Kate dressed as Snow White. She has a different costume for Halloween. She actually had three to choose from so we'll see how many she decides to wear before the week is over.
 Cassidy was Sleeping Beauty, but she wanted to be Sleeping Beauty at the beginning of the movie instead of the pink dress that everyone is more familiar with. She looked adorable.
 Brynlee was Cinderella, so we had to get a picture with all of our princesses.
 Kaylee made a PERFECT Jessie from Toy Story, and Lincoln was a pretty cute Buzz Lightyear.
 We couldn't get Nick to dress up, but I dressed as a Bon Jovi groupie, complete with custom shoes that I designed myself and deserve their own blog post.

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