Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas with Pop

On the day after Christmas, we woke up bright and early so we could head to Forney and spend the day with Pop and Nanny. Jason, Heather and the kids were also coming up and we were going to eat some more and open gifts all over again. We were all sort of tired of traditional Christmas food, so Dad made burgers instead of doing the whole turkey thing again. I was fine with that. As it is, I have plenty of leftovers in my fridge that we have to consume.
In keeping with tradition, once we finished with presents and lunch, we headed outside to play. Heather and I walked with the kids down to the park for a little bit, and then we came back and played in the yard and street in front of Pop's house. Nick had brought some balls and the frisbee so he and Jason could play their annual frisbee game. He had hoped the kids would be occupied with just the balls to play with, but they ended up having to share the frisbee on occasion too.
The day is never long enough and soon everyone had to head home.

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