Monday, April 21, 2014

Egg Hunting

Sunday afternoon we headed over to Yiayia's for some fried chicken and egg hunting. Of course the Easter bunny made a stop by her house with lots of goodies for Kate as well as our own house. She got lots of fun goodies.
 She had 22 eggs to find, so after her first run of the back yard she had to stop to count and see if she had found them all.  Bill finished the porch on Kate's new playhouse addition he built onto the shed in their backyard, so that was the perfect spot for her to count her eggs.
 Later that afternoon the bunny made an appearance in the backyard. All last year this bunny hung out in Yiayia's backyard and Kate would set out carrots for it and water. Either this is the same bunny or he told his bunny friends about her because this rabbit kept hopping around the yard, sniffing, as if he was saying "hey, where are my carrots?" while Kate and Yiayia were on the back porch. So she set some out for him, and he hopped right up close and proceeded to eat two helpings of them.

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