Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MapMyWalk: March 2014

All I can say for March is "well at least I beat February". Here's to it finally becoming spring time in Texas though. April is going to be much better. It has to be, or I'm going to be struggling to hit my goal.
My March summary:
36.65 Total miles
10.7 Total Hours
6,045 Total Calories
21 Workouts

I'm still off my pace, but it's getting better. I have 489.44 miles to go before the end of 2014. We've had weird weather, I've had weird injuries, and life has just been crazy at times. I'm hoping the longer sunshine days will help me walk on days after Nick gets home from work now (I'm not comfortable walking in the dark alone) so that should put me back on track.

We've been plugging along with our vegetables but I'll admit, we were really bad when on vacation this past weekend. We pretty much let her rip on food and dessert, so we'll have to do a little correcting of some bad habits that crept back in. The cycle...it's a killer!

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