Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tuesday in Vegas: Sheryl Crow

Tuesday evening the conference that Nick was attending hosted a dinner and evening of entertainment for attendees. We decided to buy a guest pass so I could join in on the fun. Dinner was nothing spectacular, just basic bulk served conference food fair. The salmon was edible. After dinner, we were herded over to another large room that was filled with bright, flashing lights to give it a club feeling along with fog machines and loud music. People were dancing, drinks were being consumed....basically the computer nerds were getting down.

Sheryl Crow was to be the entertainment for the evening so we made our way towards the stage area so we could be as close as possible once she came on stage. We succeeded in that, and I think at one point I ended up standing about 15-20 feet away from her.  It was pretty awesome, since I've never been that close to a stage during a show before. I knew a lot of the songs she played as well, since I had her first album that came out when I was graduating high school. They played for an hour.
After the show, Kerry wanted to gamble and Tom was down for finding a $5 blackjack table, so we all headed out to New York New York in search of one. The only $5 table we could find were full, so we ended up at Monte Carlo instead, which worked well since I hadn't been in that casino yet.

Kerry through down $200 and Tom dropped $100, and they began to play. Nick, Jennifer, Mike and I just watched for a while. Eventually Nick and Mike wandered off to the food court for something to drink, and Kerry pushed a stack of his chips over to me and I joined in. I wasn't willing to lose my own money, but I'd certainly lose his. I must admit, I was pretty intimidated by the whole live dealer/table game scenario, but our dealer was very sweet and a lot of fun so she eased my intimidation quite a bit. I had fun too. At one point my stack of chips was growing, and once I pointed this out it slowly began to shrink until it was gone completely. Kerry didn't care, and I had fun, so I say it was a win-win situation...well for me anyway.

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