Sunday, August 24, 2014


We spent another day at NRH20 and this time we went with Mom, Trey, and one of his friends. THey had some free tickets and Kate has been dying to go again so we spent the day soaking up the sun and getting completely pruny and wrinkly. We must have done about 15 laps in the lazy river. Kate went down several slides and we swam in the pool. Trey and I raced down one of the slides with mats several times (I beat him every time but only because gravity was on my side). It was a long but enjoyable day!
I brought the water camera with me again. It's really difficult to see what you are taking a picture of because there is only a sort of cheap LCD screen on the back. Once you are out in the bright sun, this becomes pretty useless. But I did the best I could.
That's Kate in the picture above, just before the splash got me all wet. Same goes for the shot of Trey below - right after I took this, I was drenched with water. He thought it was quite funny.

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