Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy birthday, Mom!

On Wednesday we celebrated Mom's 55th birthday with dinner at Rosa's. Mom brought her favorite cake, Texas Hot Cocoa Cake, and we sang and had cake before she opened her gifts. I know, she shouldn't have to make her own birthday cake, but honestly, no one makes a Texas Hot Cocoa Cake quite like she does so I didn't argue when she said she was making one.
 Trey spent the entire evening on his phone playing games, which is pretty much what he does all the time unless he is at home. In that case, he's on his Playstation 3. I'm assuming he put the phone down long enough to eat, but who knows. Typical teenage boy, I suppose!
 Kate made a birthday card for Grandma. I helped show her how to make her 5s properly (they sort of looked like snakes beforehand) and I wrote out Happy Birthday Grandma and had Kate copy what I wrote. I then left the room to let her do her best and she did a pretty good job!
 Then it was time for presents and judging by the expressions, Kate and I did a really good job of picking out some perfectly sparkly new boots.

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