Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tamales at the BBQ Joint

Nick and John have done their fair share of eating lunch at Posados, which happens to be Nick's favorite Mexican food restaurant because he's slightly obsessed with their tamales. They even had their own waitress, Debbie, who know the second she spotted them in her section what to bring them to drink and put their orders in before she even said hello, it seemed. She was a great waitress and friend....and then she and her husband had the audacity to go buy a Dickey's BBQ place in Irving which meant she was leaving Posados. Fast forward a year or so...and we finally made a trek over to Irving to eat at their new place.
When we got in line to order and it was Nick's turn, Debbie informed him that she already knew what he wanted and it was taken care of. So he picked out a side item and waited for his plate...which turned out to be tamales that she had picked up from a Mexican food place next door. Talk about spoiled! He was pretty surprised and it was a very sweet gesture for her. So we all had BBQ and Nick ate his tamales with his cole slaw.

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