Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

Time to reflect. Or something.

So I stopped updating my MapMyWalk stats in like, October? September? I don't even remember. It wasn't intentional - when October rolled around, I got busy and forgot. By the time I realized I didn't do an update, it was halfway through the month. So I decided I would combine the next two months...only that didn't happen, and then December, and now it's January! So, I'll just sum up the whole year here:

For 2014, I ended the year with 705.17 miles! I hit my goal of 600 miles and just kept going. I'm pretty pleased with that!

Since I began wearing my Fitbit in April, I have walked 3,132,312 steps in 2014.

Overall, fitness-wise, I am in a much better place than I was a year ago, although weight wise the change isn't as significant as I was hoping. I have shed 20 pounds since my highest point this year.

I have to give a ton of credit to my Leslie Sansone DVDs. I have never really liked working out, but I love Leslie. They are walk at home programs, and are pretty simple in design and steps - it's literally walking in place and variations of that. They have made a huge impact on my fitness level and I do a video every single day, unless I run outside or have a very rare non-exercise day. I have discovered that no matter how well you may be eating or counting calories or points or whatever - if you aren't bothering to do some form of exercise every day, you are probably in a losing battle. Walking around Walmart doesn't count as exercise. You've got to get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes. It's hard, trust me. When I first started doing the Leslie videos (I found some for free on Youtube) I struggled through a 30 minute video. I could do it, but man it was hard work for me. Now I can easily tackle the 45 minute and hour long workouts without being out of breath but still get a good workout. As I type this, my rear and thighs are sore from a simple 10 minute leg blasting session that I did yesterday on one of my new Leslie videos I got for Christmas. I know they have helped me with my running outside too. The stronger my legs are, the easier the running, right?

I have my first 10k in 52 days. Soooooo....guess I better keep up with the running, huh?

And finally, some comparison pictures:
Bring it on, 2015.

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