Saturday, February 7, 2015

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Tonight Saginaw held their annual Daddy/Daughter Dance at the rec center, and earlier this week Nick asked if I thought Kate would enjoy that.You never know with her, so I decided to ask her if she wanted to go. She has been so excited about it ever since. I was kind of surprised that she was so easy to say yes to the idea because often she is hesitant in new situations.

Today she must have asked me 20 times if she could get dressed, when Daddy would be home from his class, and what time it was. I gave her a manicure for her date, and finally it was time to get dressed.
They hadn't been at the dance for very long when I got my first text from Nick: the music was loud and Kate was refusing to go in where the dance was being held. Why it didn't occur to me that she wouldn't like the music is a mystery, because I could have given her some ear plugs. So I texted back to get some toilet paper and make ear plugs for her. I've had to do that before, at the bowling alley. After a little while he said that was better, but she still wasn't keen on the dancing idea.
 A little while later I heard from him again that he had convinced her to go inside the main dancing area, and they were hanging out at the back. Eventually she decided it would be okay to sit in there and watch people. Whether or not he actually convinced her to dance, I do not know yet...but he considered it great progress that she was at least sitting in there and observing.
 They ended up leaving a little early to go get some real food for supper, since the refreshments provided weren't quite filling enough. Kate and I will have to go pick up their official dance photo on Monday, since they weren't finished printing them when they left.

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