Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Party

Today was Kate's Valentine's party at school. They had ice cream sundaes and cookies that Kate baked at Yiayia's house the other day, so she came home completely sugared up. They hadn't been allowed to go through their Valentines bags and look at their cards during school, so the first thing she did was dump her bag out onto the carpet and start sorting through her stash.

She got lots of candy, pencils, and a little hand held maze. I read every little Valentine to her, and she followed each of them with something along the lines of "Aw, that's so sweet!" as if each card were specifically designed for her. She begged to open the candy hearts and eat some, so I finally let her have a couple even though the last thing she needed was more sugar running through her veins.
To make the day even better, she also got a card in the mail from Pop and Nannie today. She is constantly complaining about not getting mail, so she was quite excited to see her name on the envelope. I wish I had been ready with my camera when she opened the card and a five dollar bill fell out. It might as well have been $500 to her, because she was so excited.

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