Monday, March 30, 2015

Nick turns 34!

Since Yiayia, Nana, and Bill were going to be out of town on Nick's actual birthday (GASP), we celebrated a little early with them and had his birthday dinner Sunday night. He requested BBQ brisket, rolls and other side items, and of course a huge cookie cake. Those are his favorite. He also gave his mother a hard time about being gone on his birthday, but it was all in good fun.
Miss Nancy is in town right now from Tennessee. She's a great family friend of there's and is such a joy to be around. She treats Kate like she's one of her grandchildren too, and Kate really loves her. It's difficult not to love Nancy though, because she's such a sweet lady. She even bought Nick  a gift card for his birthday. He scored another Posados gift card as well, which makes him a very happy man.
Then tonight after work, Nick and I headed to Dallas to watch the Stars play the Calgary Flames. It was a really good game, although I was disappointed in the lack of fighting on the ice, which is my favorite part. Despite shooting at the goal 100 times, the Stars lost 5-3. Oh well, at least the tickets were free!

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