Sunday, May 31, 2015

Food Truck Festival!

Karyn told us about a food truck festival going on in "downtown city", as Kate likes to call downtown Fort Worth so decided to check it out. We enjoy food trucks, and since it was a beautiful day after all the rain finally stopped we couldn't resist being outside. I let Mom and Richard know about it as well, and Karyn met us. She invited Yiayia, Nana, and Bill to join us since they were driving back from Austin just in time to meet us as well.
 We started our dining experience with the burger truck. They made Kate a little cheeseburger slider and Nick ordered the Sloppy Cow, which was a sloppy joe on a hamburger. I started with Flaco Tacos from the Mexican themed truck, which were chicken tacos with pico and other yummy stuff on them.
 For dessert, I opted for a snickerdoodle crepe, because you can't go wrong with cinnamon. Kate had a snowcone at one point and then before we left for the day, she had a cherry popsicle that looked like a Powerpuff Girl.
 The event was being sponsored by the local Shriners and was located in the parking lot of their Masonic Temple, so we got to take a free tour of the building as well. That was pretty nifty to see. I wished I had taken my big camera along, but I did not.  Before we left, Nick ended up ordering some carnitas as well, so I ate one of them and he finished off the other two. I would say it was a successful day. We didn't even have to eat dinner tonight.

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