Sunday, June 7, 2015

Concan/San Antonio Vacation Day 1

I have been wanting to take a vacation with my brother and his family for a couple of years now, and finally our kids are old enough to make that a reality. We discussed options last year and decided to book a cabin down on the Frio River in Concan, Texas for a few days to float the river and play. I had been once before back in 2002, so I was familiar with the area and it seemed like something we would all enjoy. Today the day finally arrived for us to make the trek down south to Concan.

We loaded up the Fiat, and when I say loaded, I mean we were pretty much packed to the brim. Kate had just enough room for herself in the back seat, and if we had been in an accident I'm not sure the airbags would have had anywhere to deploy. But we managed to get everything we needed in the car. Since we are renting cabin we needed to bring all of our food and sheets, towels, paper goods, etc that we will need for the week on top of camping chairs, outdoor toys, and other such things. I honestly can't figure out why people go camping. I mean, camping requires even more stuff than we had to pack for this trip and I was exhausted before we even left!
It took us 7 hours to get from our house to the rental office of River Oaks Resorts. That included one bathroom stops along the way, one lunch stop at Subway, and one bathroom/grocery store trip just before we got to the cabin. It wasn't a terrible drive, but Kate asked 996 times when we would be here and how much longer. Normally she doesn't do that on road trips, but I think she was even more excited since we were going to see Kylie and Logan.

We arrived two hours before Jason and Heather did, so we had time to unload our tightly packed car and get everything settled in before they got here. We even walked down to the river to look around, and then Kate had to wait some more and kept asking me when they would be here. It was a long wait for her!
Once we got them unloaded, we were all starving so I made spaghetti tonight for a quick and easy supper. The kids ate quickly because they all wanted to go down to the river to swim.
The Frio River is just gorgeous. It's so peaceful and even though it's pretty full from all of the rain it is calm and clear. Everyone learned why it is called the Frio though, since it's pretty chilly plus the sun was almost down by the time we went swimming. We still played in the water a while and had a lot of fun before heading back to the cabin to light a fire in the fire pit and make s'mores.
Now everyone is sleeping and tomorrow we will head up to Andy's to rent some tubes and hit the river! We are set for a fun and gorgeous day.

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