Thursday, October 22, 2015

Road Trip Weekend: Leaving Amarillo

Sunday morning it was time to head home, but I wasn't going to let us leave Amarillo without stopping at Cadillac Ranch. How do you not visit such an iconic Route 66 attraction when you have the opportunity? Nick was less than impressed when we pulled up (I don't know what he expected) but Kate was mildly excited when I told her I had spray paint. We each wrote our names on a car, including Pop and Nannie, and we snapped a few photos. It was so windy though - like ridiculously windy. I'll be honest - I'm glad we went, but I wouldn't go again. However I now have a check mark next to that list item.
 It was nearing lunchtime by the time we finished there, so we decided to go ahead and eat before leaving Amarillo. I couldn't help myself - as long as we are being tourists, we went all out and stopped at The Big Texan Steakhouse. So if you're not familiar with The Big Texan, they advertise (EVERYWHERE) that you can get a 72 oz steak for free.....if you eat it, a baked potato, a salad, and a side of shrimp in less than 60 minutes. They even have a special table for people taking the challenge and timers up in the dining room so everyone can watch your feat. That's not why we went there though, although Nick would totally be capable of handling that kind of meal if he was prepared for it. I just wanted to go.
The food was really, really good though, so I'm glad we stopped. Kate ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with mac 'n cheese. Her meal was served in a cute little cowboy hat. She was thrilled and wore it for most of the rest of the day. Nick had a hamburger and I ordered an 8 oz sirloin with a sweet potato. Everything was perfect. We even decided to split a piece of cake that was the size of Kate's head. It was the largest piece of cake I have ever seen, and it was pretty darn good.
We browsed the gift shop and looked around at the arcade area before hitting the road and making the long, boring trek back to Fort Worth.

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