Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter at Yiayia's

After church on Sunday morning, we headed home and changed clothes, grabbed the eggs that Kate and Trey dyed and headed over to Yiayia's house for the afternoon. Normally after filling our bellies we spend most of the afternoon hunting eggs, but since the weather was a little cool and it was windy, which made it feel even colder, Nick went outside and hid Kate's eggs once. She ran around the backyard until she found them all, and then we came inside because it just wasn't a nice day.

HGTV was playing a marathon of Fixer Upper, so I settled into the corner of the couch and started watching. Nick laid in the floor and quickly fell asleep, and Kate took Yiayia into her bedroom to watch a movie. Bill was asleep in the office, Nana was snoozing in her chair....and at some point I crashed as well. Two hours later I woke up and I think everyone in the house except for Kate had slept just a little bit at some point in the day.
So Easter was fairly uneventful this year, and that's ok.

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